Preventing It Before It Happens

Junk mail is inevitable; it’s usually considered one of the constants of the internet. That being said, one of the surefire ways to keep it from being a problem is to avoid it in the first place.

The easiest way to avoid getting junk mail is to be careful about where you place your email address. Don’t sign up for dodgy websites or services with it, don’t post it on public sites if it’s not necessary, and generally, only give it out to the people who need it.

That will work – to a degree. The email address will eventually get out there, however.

Clearing it Out

Once you start getting junk mail, you’ll need to clear it out (you are responsible for keeping your spam filters up to date). Just deleting the messages won’t do you any good; you’ll just get similar junk from the same sources.

Most mail clients have a button, option, or sorting mechanism that marks the offending message as junk. Sometimes it’s a separate function, sometimes it’s part of a tagging system. In all cases, though, you’ll need to check your settings and optimize them for the best outcome.

Below are instructions for several different email clients’ spam filtering methods. For assistance on your personal email client, you can search google for the term “junk mail filtering ‘your client’”; that should normally give you the official junk mail instructions for whatever email client you use.

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