PayPal Integration


Looking to add PayPal integration to your website? Advanced features such as adding a DONATE Button or BUY NOW button via PayPal are available. You can either provide your code directly to our team or hire us to create and set one up for you. This option is for BUY NOW or DONATE buttons only.
When choosing this product code for 1 simple DONATE or BUY NOW PayPal button will be added to your current website template. Your button will be developed to take a user to your PayPal account to purchase or donate from directly. Price shown is for development of each button only. Any copy changes or additional development requests are separate. Please note that support for any and all payment integration is separate and not included in monthly basic update time. [_su_accordion class="productDetails"]
So that Web Works can provide you with a secure online PayPal button for your website you must currently be hosting your website with Web Works. Because of the development time involved with adding a PayPal integration we require that a developer user is added to your PayPal Account and we are provided with user login to allow us to setup and test the button(s) functionality properly. Price shown is per each individual button integration and development on your current website hosted by Web Works. All purchases being made via your PayPal button will be re-directed to your PayPal account. No purchases will be made directly from your website. Please note that support for any and all payment integration is separate and NOT included in monthly basic update time. Updates, changes and additional requests will incur additional costs and/or fees and charged based on our currently hourly rate for development time needed.
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